2012-02-13 07:15:15 by B-I-N

It has been some time. I've been gone long, mostly working stuff out. Stuff that isn't animation or game related. But now I'm back on track and ready for more.
A year ago I announced the first episode of 'Murk' the animated series I -by that time- had worked on for more than a year. It was set to launch in october, but because of circumstances I stopped working on it. I still wanted to finish it, and it will still happen, but it just didn't happen then.
Now I'm all good with everything and I can think creative again, which is great. New ideas, perspectives and solutions pop in my mind and I'm not that overwhelmed anymore. 'Murk' will be an animated series I created from the ground up, that is the dream, even if it would take me a lifetime, it will be launched as a finished product and it will be fantastic.

Spring is here!

2011-04-08 17:32:41 by B-I-N

It has been a while since I posted some news. I am active on Newgrounds every day though..

MURK, my animated series is still in production, takes loads of time and I only work on it when it feels right. I'm the master of procrastination!

But besides MURK I've also started to work on a side scrolling (survival) horror game, also not a small project. It seems like I can't do anything else but the hardest things, I like to torture myself with it I guess.. Maybe I'm a perfectionist. Anyway, I'm switching between these projects while I also produce music (either for me as a dj as for MURK and the game).

I've set myself a deadline; this fall the first episode of MURK will be done!
Hopefully before that time my game will be done as well.

Spring is here!

Murk teaser (2010) online!

2010-09-02 22:51:36 by B-I-N

Finally after more than a year of development I can show you all where I've been busy with.


Soon the first episode of this grand adventure will be available, but when that will be depends on when it's done.